Truck Company Operations

8 or 16 Hour Options

"The Modern & Urban Truck Company"
This truck company operations program covers all the aspects of modern truckin’. During this program students will be challenged to complete truck skills with full and limited staffing. Alongside building construction, students will get size up tactics, riding positions, hand tools and ladder placement, forcible entry tactics, tactical consideration and most importantly DISCIPLINE preparations for the fireground. This class is a physically and mentally demanding class, which requires 100% good health by the students participating.

"Forcible Entry 101"
This class is a basic program designed to harp on the fundamentals of forcible entry. During this class students will get an understanding of tools, tool history, thru-the-lock techniques and conventional forcible entry tactics. Note: This program is designed for the basic level firefighter.

"Down & Dirty Urban Forcible Entry"
This program is designed to show newly and safe street approved methods and techniques for conventional forcible entry. Students will get advanced techniques and the most challenging scenarios for making entry through and around locks for both residential and commercial structures. Students will also learn quick access into steel roll gates and defeating the locks and locking mechanisms for them, as well as street hatches and window bars, all challenges found in urban areas.

“Halligan Honing”
This class is all about the Halligans. Students will get the opportunity to practice forcible entry tactics for inward and outward swinging doors, and many different uses of many different types of fire service Halligans. This class challenges many minds to do absolutely everything with the Halligans.