Capitol Fire Training LLC is pleased to announce our 1st Winter Virtual Conference. January 28th 2024 we will be offering a training symposium. This program will host 4 different training lectures that you can sit in from your own home. These classes range in topics from Rapid Intervention, Command, Fireground tactics and forcible entry tactics. One day, four classes.

Date: 1/28/24
Time: 9am- 4pm
Cost $45

Command Under Fire & Mastering the Fireground Communications as the New Chief
This class is designed to teach and challenge the new company officer. During this program we will discuss what it takes to be a good Incident Commander. This class will show you what traits help to run a successful incident and how to get the most out of your people. We will review the basics of officer development. On-scene reports, tactical considerations and assigning tasks to personnel are just a few. This class will also dive into operations as a new Chief level officer. During this time students will get a good understanding of effective communications, multi-tasking, and push/pull communications while talking on the radio.

Dynamic RIT
Managing our personnel's mayday's don't necessarily start when we get the bone chilling call for help...Managing the mayday starts when we arrive on scene of the operations. That's why we must be overly prepared through our learning of case studies, training and being dynamic in our RIT operations. During this interactive program these instructors cover the RIT "need-to-knows" the RIT "don'ts" along with some survival skills to help firefighters be better prepared for when things go sideways while operating on the fireground.

Urban Forcible Entry
This interactive, classroom forcible entry program is designed to teach the firefighter no matter the level of experience the main and basic principles and understanding of forcible entry. This program is designed to show newly and safely street approved methods and techniques for conventional forcible entry tactics, through and around the lock. We will discuss basic and advanced techniques for making entry going through and around locks on both residential and commercial structures. Students will also learn quick access into steel roll gates and defeating the locks and locking mechanisms for them, as well as street hatches and window bars.

"The Private Dwelling"
“An aggressive firefighter is a smart fighter”. In this program we will focus on building construction, size-up’s for both unit officers and backstep firefighters and take a look at fire behavior. Collectively the knowledge of these 3 subjects is the key to successful fireground operations. During this class we will also dive into fireground tactics and operations for successful fire suppression.


"The Lieu" Magnetic Force Wedge "CFT" 

Introducing the new Capitol Force Wedges. Made from T6061 aluminum, these wedges are machine grooved to stop your wedge from falling out during the driving process. Complete with 2 countersunk magnets to allow the wedge to be attached to your halligan without a string or without falling off. Check out our website for more details and to order your wedge.

Product Description:
-Manufactured by Wedgin Tool (USA)
-Made from T6061 Aluminum Stock
-Measurements: 5” long X 1.5” X 1.5”; 10oz
-Drilled hole for lanyard or paracord
-Machine grooved lines for progress capture
-Counter sunk magnets (30lbs of magnetic force)
-Magnets secured with Hex Head Machine Screws

(Note: Magnets are countersunk into the wedge with machine head screws that keep the magnets from falling out during high heat conditions. Magnets may chip or crack after use, but will never become demagnetized). 


Capitol Fire Training is a corporation composed of experienced fire and rescue instructors from all over the United States. Established in August of 2009, Capitol Fire Training’s sole mission has been to deliver quality fire service training to all departments and organizations, career or volunteer. Our mission is delivered by experienced instructors who harp on teaching proven street tactics, that have worked and continue to work in the American fire service. We strive to make every class, be it lecture or hands-on, fun, interactive, and realistic while still meeting your organizations needs and staffing profile. All of our classes are customized to your department based at the request of your department’s needs. For more information, contact us….

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